The Replenishment Program

What is the Replenishment Program?

Shepeard Community Blood Center’s Replenishment Program allows donors to give blood on behalf of someone who is using, has used, or will use blood products. Although the blood does not go directly to the beneficiary in the form of transfusion, it helps by offsetting costs associated with transfusion. Additionally, the program helps restore and maintain the community’s blood supply.

How does the Replenishment Program help?

The funds earned from Replenishment Blood Drives serve as a lifeline for families facing medical crises, providing financial assistance, emotional support, and resources to help them navigate through challenging times with greater ease and resilience.

These funds significantly assist families in various ways, offering crucial support during times of need.

Here’s how:

  • Medical Expenses
    • For families facing medical emergencies or ongoing treatments requiring blood transfusions, the costs can quickly escalate. Funds raised from Replenishment Blood Drives can help alleviate the financial burden associated with medical bills, prescription medications, and other healthcare expenses.
  • Travel and Lodging
    • In many cases, patients and their families need to travel long distances to access specialized medical care or treatment centers. Funds can be used to cover travel expenses, including transportation, lodging, and meals, making it easier for families to focus on their loved one’s recovery without worrying about the logistics and costs of travel.
  • Support Services
    • Coping with a medical crisis can be emotionally and mentally draining for families. Funds raised from Replenishment Blood Drives can be used to provide support services such as counseling, therapy, or support groups, offering much-needed emotional support and guidance to families as they navigate their healthcare journey.
  • Essential Needs
    • During times of illness or recovery, families may struggle to meet their basic needs such as groceries, utilities, and rent or mortgage payments. Funds from blood drives can help cover these essential expenses, ensuring that families can maintain stability and focus on their well-being without financial stress.
  • Education & Awareness
    • Investing in education and awareness programs about blood donation and healthcare can have a lasting impact on communities. Funds can support initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the importance of blood donation, dispelling myths, and encouraging more individuals to become regular blood donors, thereby strengthening the blood supply for future patients in need.

Who does The Replenishment Program help?

Shepeard Blood’s Replenishment Program helps people like Camden!

Camden is battling leukemia here in our community. Through our Replenishment Program, Shepeard Community Blood Center was able to help provide hope and comfort to Camden’s family. With the Replenishment Program, we are proud to be able to create a space and opportunity to empower friends and families to join the fight by donating blood.

This program ensures that our shelves are stocked and hospital orders are filled to save and sustain local lives!

How can I help?

You can host a Replenishment Blood Drive! Coordinate with our Community Resources Department to set up a Replenishment Blood Drive at your place of work, your church, or your neighborhood! You can also share the importance and passion for donating blood.

Contact our Community Resources Department by e-mailing today!

The Replenishment Program Terms

  • For each whole blood donation, Shepeard will provide a $20 grant to the beneficiary. For any automated donation, Shepeard will provide $40 to the beneficiary.
  • All beneficiaries must complete the Replenishment Program Application before donations are credited to the patient.
  • Beneficiaries must have received blood at a U.S. hospital within the past year to qualify for the program.
  • Participation in the Replenishment program authorizes Shepeard to use the patient’s name, image, likeness, and personal health information for marketing and promotional efforts.
  • Before any payment can be processed, the beneficiary or their designee must provide an itemized copy of their bill from the hospital where the transfusion occurred. Shepeard may cap the benefit amount to the costs associated with blood transfusions.
  • Payments may take up to 90 days to be processed and will only be made in the beneficiary’s name, including when the beneficiary is a minor child or when the beneficiary is deceased.
  • To maintain donor privacy, beneficiaries and their designees may not be provided with specific information such as the donor’s name who did or did not donate on behalf of an individual.
  • All donations on behalf of a patient expire in one year if not redeemed.
  • The replenishment program may not be combined with other offers/promotions, such as the High School Heroes program or Shepeard’s Online Donor Store.
  • Shepeard is not responsible for donations improperly credited to the beneficiary.
  • This is not a contract. Shepeard may change or end the program at any time without notice.