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Who Can Donate Whole Blood?

Healthy individuals who weigh at least 110 pounds and are 17 years and older, or are 16 years old with written parental consent ( Permission Form ), may donate whole blood with Shepeard. You must have a hemoglobin of 12.5 or higher.

A Word About Iron:

Hemoglobin count is what we commonly refer to as your "Iron" level. If you have been deferred due to low iron in the past, you may still be able to donate blood now! Your iron level goes up and down depending on what you eat and your individual body needs. We urge you to eat iron rich foods consistently for a few weeks and attempt to donate again.

Iron Card - 2013

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Who Can Donate Platelets?

If you have Type O or Type A blood, you may be a great candidate for donating platelets. Platelets are used to help cancer patients and some patients with blood diseases. You can donate platelets with Shepeard every two weeks.

Who Can Donate Plasma?

If you have Type AB blood, you may be a great candidate for donating plasma. Plasma is used for treatment of burn victims and some trauma victims.

A Word About Donating Plasma With Shepeard:

When you donate plasma with Shepeard, your donation does the most good. This is because your volunteer blood donation with Shepeard can be transfused into patients in one of the 20 local hospitals or the regional burn center right here where we all live and work.

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